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                WELCOME TO  Images35!

The Images35 Web Site exhibits photographs taken by Ron during many years of traveling, most often with his wife, June.  This includes summer visits to California's Sierra Nevada, vacations in the Caribbean and Tahiti, and business (& pleasure) travels through much of Europe.  Also, because Ron's parents lived in Sedona, AZ for more than forty years, many images relate to the beautiful red-rock scenery in Sedona's vicinity.

Nearly all of the photographs were taken with a hand-held 35 mm. SLR camera.  (Thus "Images35")   Film was Kodachrome  or Fujichrome.  Slides were digitized by the Kodak PhotoCD process.   Editing used Corel's Photo-Paint 8.

In the New Millennium, your photographer increasingly used digital cameras.  By 2005, film cameras were abandoned entirely.  During 2011 the entire archive of 15,000 35mm slides were scanned and preserved as digital files.  Scanning was accomplished using an Epson Perfection V500 Photo scanner.  Photos that have now been included on this website show some scenes photographed on cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, and Peru.  There are also photos pertaining to several reunions between 1995 and 2010.  And there is expanded coverage of Las Vegas, beyond what had been included previously.  This is all presented in the directory  "Digital Age" you'll find at the bottom of this page. 

The first digital camera was a Kodak DC-260 purchased in late 1998.  List price was $1,249.  It had about 1.5 megapixel capability and 3:1 zoom.  That was followed by an Olympus C3000.  Its price was only $860 and it had just over 3 megapixels.  Regrettably its microprocessor died two years later.  Next came a Minolta Dimage7.  Its list price was way up at $1,500 but it provided 5 megapixels and 7:1 zoom.  This was a fine camera but it suffered an untimely death, drowning in our pool.  A Nikon D-100 SLR acquired in 2003 was used very seldom.  Then in succession came the Olympus C-4000 and Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom with 4 and 5 megapixels respectively.  And there were others.  Why so many cameras?  Primarily because the state-of-art for digital cameras was advancing so rapidly and substantially.  Most recently nearly all of my photos, and most of those in Digital Age (see below), were taken with just two cameras:   an Olympus SP-550UZ Ultra Zoom, and a Canon Powershot SD-3500IS.  The former has 7 megapixels and 18:1 optical zoom.  The latter is extremely small, yet provides 14 megapixels and 7:1 zoom.  Remarkably, with all this capability, this camera cost only $320.  Contrast this with the old DC-260 in 1998.



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                                      SEDONA, ARIZONA RED-ROCK-COUNTRY