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The images on this page were photographed in August, 1987 on a lengthy one-day hike that began at Devils Postpile, climbed along Minaret Creek to Minaret Lake, crossed the Volcanic Ridge on a cross-country route that passed Upper Iceberg (Cecile) Lake and Iceberg Lake, descended to Ediza Lake, and followed Shadow Creek down to the San Joaquin River, and finally down that river to return to Devils Postpile (well after dark). 

Minaret Creek and Clyde Minaret



View of the Minarets Across Minaret Lake

Another View of the Minarets and Minaret Lake



Iceberg Lake (above Ediza Lake)


Cecile Lake (Upper Iceberg Lake) - Near Outlet



Cecile Lake (North End) - Elevation 10,250 Ft.


Cecile Lake (Looking South) and the Riegelhuth Minaret

Cecile Lake (Southwest Shoreline)