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Certainly a few pictures like those below cannot begin to do justice to the beauty of Italy.  These images were captured between 1975 and 1980.  They pertain to the region between the Italian Alps and Rome.   Regretably this photographer has not yet traveled south of Rome, so augmented versions of this page in the near future will add photographs from the same northern Italian areas. 


Church in the Dolomites

Flowers along L. Maggore near Locarno




Florence and the Arno River

One of 28 Panels in the Door of the Duomo




Venice's Grand Canal





Inside St. Mark's Basilica

Pidgeons on St. Mark's Piazzetta

Cathedral at Orvieto




Ruin of the Roman Forum




In the Gardens at Villa Borghese

Wading in the Trevi Fountain in Rome Trevi Fountain Tourists on a Hot August Day - 1975




Michelangelo's La Pieta at the Vatican