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The Jubilee in 2003 marked the fifteenth consecutive year of this now-annual event.  Each year the Jubilee has grown in terms of the number of jazz groups participating, the number and quality of the performance venues, and the size of the attendance.  In 2003 there were more than twenty bands - some local, but most from around the country.  Through all of these years the event has been organized and managed under the leadership of Ken and Flossy Coulter.  (See Ken playing the drums with Mammoth Lakes' "Temple of Folly" in the photo just below, right.)

In addition to Temple of Folly, some of the other groups included: Avalon, Bill Allred's Classic Jazz Band, Blue Street Jazz, Blues Rendition, Chicago Six, Cornet Chop Suey, Gator Beat, High Sierra Jazz Band, High Street, Hyperion Outfall Serenaders, Kinda Dixie Jazz Band, Midiri Brothers, Mumbo Jumbo, Night Blooming Jazzmen, Side Street Strutters, and Tom Hook & Les Chiens Noir.  Mostly, the music is Dixieland.  Held in mid July, it starts Thursday evening, and goes on day and night through Sunday.