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The Matterhorn (14,692 Ft) is close to the resort town of Zermatt, with its many hotels, restaurants, and shops.  There are no cars in Zermatt.   The road from Visp is open to Tasch, where one can board a narrow-gauge electric railway train for the remaining four miles into Zermatt. 

To reach the mountains there is a cog railway, several long cableways, and numerous ski lifts.  For summer visitors, these carry you up to high viewpoints and provide the option of hiking downhill back to Zermatt.  At least one of these well-manicured "trails" had a cafe along it providing wine, beer, and snacks to thirsty or hungry walkers.  (Why are there no such things in the Sierra Nevada?)

The photograph immediately below shows a telescopic view of the Matterhorn as seen from a viewpoint on Mt. Blanc in France.  Both Mt. Blanc and Zermatt were visited in July, 1978.



From Zermatt a cog railway built in 1898 takes passengers up to the Gornergrat (10,135 Ft) and on to its high terminus at Stockhorn (11,588 Ft).   From the Gornergrat ridge, one can look down at the tremendous Gornergrat Glacier that flows toward Zermatt, and south across the glacier to the peaks of Mt. Rosa (15,280 Ft), Breithorn (13,660 Ft.), and many others.  There are also excellent views of the Matterhorn just to the west. 

                       Here is your photographer, posing near the Gonergrat observatory.

The scenes below were photographed in and around Zermatt.   Buildings on the hillsides are most unusual and easily viewed along the many trails leading down to the town.  Goats also find their way to Zermatt.