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Our visit to Mt. Blanc was in July, 1978 and included an overnight stay at Auberge du Bois (shown below).  Although it was July, it was so cold that it was necessary to purchase jackets.  While it was dark and cold under the clouds lying low over Chamonix, above the clouds the scenery was magnificent. 

This fine view directly to the east includes the Matterhorn at Zermott, Switzerland (our next stop on the same "business" trip).  Its peak is just to the right of center in this photograph. 

Mt. Blanc is Europe's highest peak (15,780 Ft).  Below the peak are some impressive glaciers.  And even further below is the 7-mile-long Mt. Blanc tunnel built in 1958 to connect France with Italy.    Another way to reach Italy is by one of the cablecars shown at lower-right. 












Below, cows enjoy a hillside near Chamonix.