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The images below were photographed during the fifties.  You can see many even earlier pictures in the movies.  Hollywood discovered Sedona in 1923 while filming The Vanishing American in Flagstaff.   Sedona movies include: Gun Fury, Broken Arrow, Angel and the Badman, Apache, Copper Canyon, The Rounders, and a great many others.   A new museum in Sedona has an excellent collection of movie memorabelia. After the sixties, filming turned to production of commercials that exploited the scenery. 


"Rabbit Ears" Rock Formation at Lee Mountain - Jan '59 West Sedona and the "Coffee Pot" Rock Formation - Jun '60




Distant View of "Rabbit Ears" Rock Formation Beyond "Courthouse Butte"  -   Sep '58




"Castle Rock"  Viewed in the Distance from Big Park - Jun '68




"Castle Rock" at Dusk, as Part of the "Sleeping Indian"  - Apr '58


"Slide Rock" in Oak Creek Canyon - Jun '59




Tranquility at Slide Rock - Jun '59


"Cathedral Rock" Viewed from "Red Rock Crossing" Horseback in "Little Horse Park" - Jun '59