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Agnew Meadow to Thousand Island Lake

Agnew Meadow is on the west side of the Sierra Main Crest along the road from Mammoth Lakes to Devil's Postpile National Monument.  There is a pack station there, and two important trailheads.  One of these trails descends to meet the River Trail that follows the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River.  The other is the Pacific Crest Trail that was in the past referred to as the High Trail.  Interesting loop trips can be taken making us of these two trails, lateral trails branching from them, and the John Muir Trail that the laterals join.  These trails pass through the high country on the east side of the Ritter Range - comprising the Minarets, Mt. Ritter, Banner Peak, and Mt. Davis.  Outstandingly beautiful lakes include Shadow, Ediza, Garnet, and Thousand Island. 

Descending to the River Trail and following it past Lake Olaine brings the hiker to a sturdy bridge over the San Joaquin.   Switchbacking up the Shadow Creek Trail brings one to Shadow Lake.  This trail and the lake are shown in the first two images below.  Continuing to the west, the trail joins and crosses the John Muir Trail, and then continues along Shadow Creek to its origin at Ediza Lake.  John Muir said that this lake was the most beautiful in the Sierra, and that being high praise, this collection includes five images of Ediza. 

Retracing the Shadow Creek Trail, we take the John Muir Trail north over a ridge to drop down to the spectacular Garnet Lake that is shown in several of the images below.  A little  further north, the trail passes Thousand Island Lake which is at the base of Banner Peak.  Continuing, the John Muir Trail crosses Island Pass before dropping into the Rush Creek Drainage.  Also from Thousand Island Lake a trail to the east joins the Pacific Crest (High Trail) and the terminus of the River Trail. 

Shadow Lake and the Minarets Viewed from the High Trail View of the Minarets from the Outlet of Shadow Lake



Ediza Lake Early in the Season    July, 1958 Ediza Lake Mid-Season    August, 1985

Flowers at Ediza Lake    August, 1985 Ediza Lake Late in the Season     End of August, 1987



Shadow Creek Emerges from the Outlet of Ediza Lake   August, 1985




Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak Mirrored in Garnet Lake      August, 1986



Another View of Garnet Lake    August, 1986 John Muir Trail Climbs the North Shore of Garnet Lake



Banner Peak Rises Behind a Small Lake Near Island Pass    August, 1984



Banner Peak Behind the Outlet of Thousand Island Lake Mt. Davis Viewed from the Pacific Crest Trail   Aug, 1984